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Why Strength Training



Chicago Youth Lacrosse, incorporates strength and conditioning into our Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) modeled programming. All athletes U12 and older in the CYL program will train with professional, dedicated strength professionals that pride themselves on common sense and scientifically proven strength and conditioning techniques.

Along with framing our lacrosse programming around the US Lacrosse LADM, Chicago Youth Lacrosse incorporates strength and conditioning based on the National Strength & Conditioning Associations "Youth Performance and Fitness" recommendations.

The goal is to provide participants with the tools to become stronger, more dynamic and durable athletes.


Coach Rob Miller

When we give our all, we realize we had more to give. For me it has never been about anything but finishing the job. Whether the job is to tackle the ball carrier, split the pile of wood for winter, or swim 1000 meters in the thirty foot seas to rescue a man. The body must perform when needed. As a Aircrew Naval Search and Rescue Swimmer I was taught to be ready "SO OTHERS MAY LIVE."  My time also taught me that preparation is the key to success.  Its very important for young people to learn the value of strength.  It takes time, hard work and dedication to cultivate.  The effects will make all activities, including sports, feel easier to learn and more fun to play.  A strong body is more resilient and injury resistant.  


HSL-48 Vipers Naval Search and Rescue Swimmer (1997-2002) ACE Certified Personal Trainer (2000-present) Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Certified (April 2009) RKC II (June 2009) RKC Team Leader (2013-2014)  Senior RKC Instructor (2014-present) 


Coach Mike Davidov

I have a passion for strength. Whether you’re an athlete looking to perform better or a working parent looking to feel better and have more energy; I firmly believe that strength is the quickest way to achieve it. Growing up, I had the privilege of working under great coaches and alongside driven teammates in soccer, swimming, and wrestling; three demanding sports that pushed me to my limits. Later in life I looked back to the fundamentals of how to move efficiently, powerfully and effectively and have spent countless hours working with individuals and small groups, honing my skills on communicating and implementing what I had learned and practiced. Getting certifications from NESTA and the RKC helped me really stock up the toolshed, but most of all, listening, studying, practicing, and sharing is the lifeblood of my ongoing pursuit to be an outstanding coach and make a real lasting difference in as many lives as I can.

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